Local Weather

Welcome to , you can easily track the weather in your city. With a simple and intuitive layout , you get a weather forecast quality and updated every two hours round the clock for the city which interests you. All municipalities in USA are covered by our weather services. How to check the weather of a city? It's very simple, by default you will see your city appear on the home page. Otherwise, you simply enter the city name or postal code in the search box provided for this purpose. presents you with weather synthetic simple indicators such as temperature , wind , rainfall , humidity , air pressure and visibility. On you easily view most of the weather.

Forecast 15 days

For weather patterns free in usa and in the world of 1 , 3, 5 , 7, 8 , 10, 12 or 15 days , offers detailed weather information updated every 2 hours you thereby reliably know the evolution of the weather of a location . You can choose to advance your holiday or planning a trip around the world depending on the weather for you. For this, nothing could be easier than entering the city name where you want to go, it is up to you . tells you the rest : temperature , time, weather report , wind, rainfall , humidity , air pressure and visibility.